Is this normal? Support ticket

First timer here. The bottom set of leaves has been turning yellow, then brown. Is this normal when plants age and leaves get worn out? Or is there something else going on? I’m using the 2 gal pot for pot set up. She’s about 33 days old and everything else looks healthy.

  • Indica bag seed
  • Method: half coco, half superb soil
  • Vessels: fabric pot
  • PH of Water: ph reader currently in the mail
  • Indoor
  • Light system: mars hydro sp-3000 at 100%. 18/6
  • Temps; 78-80 Day, 66-70 night
  • Humidity; ranges from 54-73. Been having to use a humidifier.
  • Ventilation system; AC infinity cloudline T6 and an oscillating fan inside tent.
  • Co2; No


How big of container are you growing in? I think that could be your problem.

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Oh geez maybe if I’d read through… :joy: I see you’re growing in a 2gal container! That’s your problem. Needs a bit of nitrogen and maybe a bit of cal/mag! But give them roots some room!


Def needs some more root space or your gonna run into a lot more issues ide imagine


Lil Bud is now in her new home… a 5 gallon bucket with drainage holes in the bottom and sides. It was pretty hard to get her out of the fabric pot. Her roots were growing into the walls!

I have some Calmag and Dr.Earth High Nitrogen supplements on the way. To hold her over, I added some Dr.Earth Tomato/Vegetable/Herb fertilizer which has 5 nitrogen. I also sprayed her leaves with superthrive foliage spray.

Thank you both for the help! It didn’t occur to me that she was growing so much under that soil. Living and learning :+1:

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Living and learning! Everyday! :+1: Sounds like you’ll have it back under control very soon! I was afraid of that, the roots growing into the fabric, but glad to hear you were able to make it happen though. Might notice a bit transplant trauma but you’ll be off in no time!

Keep us updated on how it’s going! Any questions feel free to ask! Also check out my grow journal named BoilerGuy’s Go ILGM-BANANA KUSH :heavy_check_mark:

Not to be stupid but your sure it didn’t sit in wet soil or nute splash in the past week or so?

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Also I’m not real knowledgeable about foliar spraying.

Nope, it has not.

So I tested my soil and nitrogen was between high and very high. Phosphorus was low and potash was very low. Does anyone think the latter 2 could actually be causing the yellow/brown leaves?

If you have a moment, what is your opinion?

Looks like a lower leaf that is ready to go away. Plant overall looks fine.

I’d also suggest ordering a TDS meter to monitor runoff.