Is this normal? Ran 4 banners and all look like different strains


Phenotyping… my question is do you have one that smells kinda like berries? Thats the one Im looking for… n if you did, I hope you took cuttings


Looking good! First one is my favorite.

I second this :point_up::point_up:


I took clones from all but was lazy and didn’t label so now I’m trying to find ones like first pick I call mr frosty lol. I haven’t noticed a berry smell but I smoke cigarettes also so its hard for me


My 2 brothers and I are from the same parents but we look nothing alike

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I’ve done that same thing. And one was prone to Hermie trait later on. And since didn’t lable I lost one of my favorite phenos and threw them away to not risk keeping wrong one and getting seeds in my tent .

Lesson learned the hard way :person_facepalming:

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That first one though :heart_eyes:

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@Stevo I have one BB drying and another curing, and they were just like yours. One had sativa-like long skinny leaves and was very light in color; the other had shorter, fatter leaves like an indica and is the darkest green I’ve ever seen on a plant. The buds are entirely different as well, and they smell similar but definitely not the same. They are both giving an excellent yield and the sample I tried from the one curing left me with a big proud grin on my face!

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