Is this normal? Ppm 850 ph is 6.4

I’m not sure why they’re yellowish in the middle?

Most of the time thats just showing new growth but if you upload a picture in white lighting and not the blurple we can get a better idea

10-4 that what I’m hoping. I did use spring water which i know can be high in mg and iron

Hi welcome to the community. a pic. with natural light would be better. You should be running your PH at around 5.8 i doubt your plant is taking nutes.



Yes much better…lower your PH with a hydro set up you should be around 5.8.


Okay thanks

As the above said get that PH down to 5.8. What your seeing is new growth looks good to me.

850 ppm at that age is too high a concentration: you should be around 400 to 500 ppm. Simply dilute your mix to get to the desired TDS.


Update: still yellow
my second plant is good! Looks healthy. Idk what’s going on