Is this normal or should I be worried

I’m in my 8th week of flower and some of my leaves are yellowing but others are browsing at the roots should I be worried and chop early

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That’s normal as they near the end of there life. From the looks you have a few more weeks until harvest

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Ok thanks I was just getting worried

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Don’t harvest early, keep them going for a couple more weeks at least.

Not normal for my plants - their leaves stay green til I want them to not be green, but seems normal enough for lots of others to race the yellow death to harvest. Proper feeding/nutes can keep the yellow away.

Feeding them anything at this point?


I agree. They look hungry.


I’m with you: I like a healthy canopy all the way to harvest.

I would suggest starting to remove leaves that are dying/dead and severely discolored as they add nothing to the plant and potentially can cause disease issues.


Ur leaves will go yellow towards the end of the life cycle of ur plant to me it looks like a natural thing but just see wat other members say first

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Thanku for always replying and helping me thru my grow this is gonna be great stuff

Thank you so much and ur welcome