Is This normal Germ Seeds

I recived my seeds 2 days ago new to growing but have a real good mentor i was just wondering if this is normal or did thease seeds pop quick germ just like ilgm instructions.this is after 2 days.


Looks good. Be careful to not overwater. Seedlings only need a couple ml of water each day.


I would let that soil dry out before watering again.


What @MidwestGuy said :point_up_2::point_up_2: it doesn’t take a bunch of water at this stage. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Best I can tell they look pretty normal to me! Hard to get focused on the tiny sprouts sometimes.
As mentioned let them dry out pretty well before adding any more water, it won’t speed things up and is dangerous to the plant.
They’ll look all small and weird for a day or two until they fully unfold from being cramped up in the shell.

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Welcome aboard. Good start strong seeds. I have some go fast sometimes. Now is the letem be themselves time.

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They look normal to to me as the other members have said not to water to much and also try not to use peat pods the wrap around the peat tends to cause problems with seedlings but good luck and enjoy your growing experience

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