Is this normal for sprouts?

These sprouted 2 days ago. I germinated right in medium and I planted them pretty shallow. The last seeds I tried I planted too deep so I might have over compensated. They are under domes still. Should I take them off?

Girl Scout Cookies Auto. This stem is long! I increased light for these because I had stretching on my last seed that sprouted. Maybe it wasn’t enough?

Gorilla Glue Auto


Looks like there may still be some of the clear membrane on them preventing the cots from opening. That could also explain the stretch. I usually put a dab of spit on them to help them shake off the membrane.


I had this exact issue with this exact strain not a month ago. Plant is fine now. Pretty short, but that’s mainly beginner issues (watering, lighting). But on the 3rd day, I had to cut it with fine trimmers, between the cotyledons.

I recommend it if you have a steady hand. Just get the finest trimmers you can find at Walmart or somewhere. Super cheap. Make the tiniest snips of the membrane being careful not to poke or cut the cotyledons. I tried spritzing it and using tweezers to pull. It and almost uprooted the whole sprout.

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@Staticvoidmain Welcome to the forum. I’m pretty new as well but you look ok here. Just have the helmet head. It will pop out soon… happy growing.

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Thanks! I was able to carefully take the rest of the membrane off. Leaves popped right open!


What light do you have? What distance/intensity %?

Spider farmer sf-2000. Right now its at 50% and about 30" from the top

Ah, ok. That’s a good light. I have a few SF-1000’s and when I did follow the manuals directions about light percentage, I got tall, lanky seedlings. I cranked it up to 100% since but do follow the canopy distance the manual calls for. Yours don’t look super lanky or anything so I don’t think you have to worry about. If you continue to see stretch while they’re still young, you may want to consider going to 100%. Cheers mate!

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As for your question about the dome, humidity of environment is your answer. Seedlings need high humidity as they actually drink thru the leaves. Give your dome a couple squirts and replace. Then give a few to the soil around the outside of the dome.


@OooWee1184 i have a 7 day sprout which was stretching at 40%. I bumped up to 60 but I saw slight (like really slight) curling on the real leaves so I turned it to 50%. Sounds like I was just being paranoid lol. I definitely feel more comfortable playing around with the settings since you were fine at 100%. Thanks man!

@TEGRITY i don’t have a spray bottle right now :confused: I was going to give 15 ml of water tomorrow and keep dome on until I see real leaves.

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Just splash some water around in the jar, or whatever. Don’t water right up to your baby. Make those roots look for it.

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Well my wife left the door to my grow room open last night and the cats destroyed both of these sprouts :sleepy:

That was just the practice round, now drop some beans and do it for realzies


Thats my plan for this weekend! I do have an 8 day sprout that survived the attack but a week and a half behind shouldn’t be too bad for the new ones

the attack

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I would take the dome off, especially if it’s hot out.

@AngryPossum I ended up taking the domes off last night thinking they had real leaves growing so it was cool. Then the cats attacked. I did end up planting more seeds today after work. Keeping the dome on until real leaves start growing. Or is that too late?


It was a rough morning lol