Is this normal for Purple Haze Auto?

Hoping someone can give me some insight here, have 2 tents going, one soil and one hydro (well one of the hydro gals got moved to the soil tent to make room). Thought I planted purple haze auto in soil and pineapple express in hydro, but after seeing them mature I think I accidentally switched them around? I see that Purple Haze is mostly Sativa and the hydro gals are very tall, while the soil gals are much shorter and denser. But the hydro gals are all in different stages of flowering, despite the one in the soil tent being 2 weeks younger than the rest. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong nutrients wise maybe, or if it’s normal for a sativa autoflower to just take it’s time and do what it wants? The first two pics are the soil gals, who I thought was Purple Haze but smells very much like pineapple, the last 3 pics are the hydro gals that hand gotten very very tall


The best way to tell which is which, is who started flowering without any change of light hours?

Autos flower whenever the genes say ‘go’.

Photos require a shortening of light hours. Looks as tho one is yet to begin flowering. That is your pineapple express


Hi, @PurpNGold74 @PlantLover87 Well that’s what I’ve always thought. I planted 3 Purple Haze around 2nd week of May. All 3 plants started to flower in roughly 30 days. Days are still getting longer but they ignored that and started to flower. This is an outdoor grow. They were never under artificial light. One plant is 25" high and other 2 are 16". They are close to harvest and have nice buds on them. I was just hoping they would of gotten bigger for a higher yield. So shortening of light didn’t apply here. Needless to say I won’t be planting the rest of those seeds.


I’m sorry, sometimes my brain goes faster than I can type and I forget important details! They are both autoflower, and they are all flowering, but the Sativa type hydro that is 2 weeks younger than the other hydro ladies looks farther into flowering than one of the older ones?


That got funky as outdoors is ALWAYS shorter then the 18/6 you were running indoors. It takes a while for them to acclimate and realize o snap, it’s summer.

And I just realized they are all autos. So they flower when they choose. But we weren’t discussing the outdoors plants from the beginning pictures. We are talking bout indoors when deciding which is which right?

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Yes exactly, these are all grown indoors, inside grow tents with lights on a timer

I said this horribly.

But we weren’t discussing the outdoors plants , we are talking about the indoor plants from the beginning pictures as they look like they’re in a tent.

Sorry about the miscommunication, I’m usually replying at work