Is this normal? Color of leafs

My little girls have had this look to the leaves the entire time from sprout. Growing under led, coast of Maine soil, water then wait till dry and water again. Seams to be growing fine.

Looks good.

Which coast of Maine soil Blend are you using

My mainlined Super Skunk was light green most of her grow. That changed when she went into flower.

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I’m using the stonington blend. No other amendments so far. Just ph’d water

Almost looks like a spotty green with darker veins. Idk if you can see it well from the pic. Your plants look gorgeous!

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I’ve had the same experience as @oldmarine as far as plants that color up more when they start flowering. If it’s a new strain for me and I don’t know what to expect I also will hit with a dose of liquid Fish emulsion just to see if that greens things up. If it works it works and then you’ll know that you need to supplement a little more nitrogen. If it doesn’t it’s not gonna hurt anything.

Also try adding a tablespoon per gallon of water of blackstrap unsulfured molasses at least once a week or as frequently as every time you water. That also will keep your microbes happy.

You might try watering a little more often. I had to alter my watering habits when I started using Stonington blend. I found that I can water it much more frequently, especially in fabric pots, then I otherwise would be able to get away with.

The fabric pot helps a lot when it comes to preventing overwatering. All those little micro organisms in your Stonington Blend need a moist environment to thrive. They don’t love it when the soil gets really dry. Obviously there is a balance to be struck between overwatering and keeping the soil moist enough for your microbes to party down.

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Thanks guys. You all are amazing. I’m right at the end of week three so it might be time to slowly start feeding. I’ll start with some molasses and work up to a top dressing for more N soon. Thanks again! Happy growing!!

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