Is this nitrogen toxicity and how to fix it


So gradually all week the discoloring has went to tips dying. Changed reservoir this morning and sprayed water mixed with rapid rooter on roots - 5ml per gal. Still working on getting roots to the water, new root growth is seen. Ph is 6.0 air temp 75, water temp been tough to control and 74, at res change it is 65 now. Day 53 from sprout and only 6" tall and in poor shape. Have been running GH trio at 1/4 strength, should i hold off adding nutes and cal-mag in this res change until i get roots to a noticable size and plants recover? Or do they need the nutes to recover, so discouraged at this point. @peachfuzz @SlowOldGuy @Covertgrower @MattyBear @basementstealth @Grandaddy013 @dbrn32 @tulsaguy



All else fails, plain water, or with very low PPM. They’ll be hungry, but surving.
It looks like you have several issues based on the appearance.
Too high of PH
To high of temperature
And it’s possible you had too much nitrogen at some point, but I really feel it looks like this because of low oxygen in the water because of the high temperatures.
Try using frozen water bottles to bring temps within range.
@peachfuzz may assist farther if I left something out.


You need help from one of the hydro guys. At 53 days old you’re missing pretty big. What do your roots look like?


I agree with @Covertgrower
Looks like not enough oxygen and water temps may be to high and ph is out of wack and probably to many nutrients…
I wold drop water temps to 68 and ppm to 150 and ph to 6.0 to 6.5 … give her a week to recover…
Should see some improvement…
How much air are you pumping into the reservoir?


Those leaves look like a pH or root root issue underneath. How do the roots look and what size air pumps are you using? Are there bubbles in your reservoir or foam? Hydro pH runs from 5.5-6.0 and I like to keep mine at 5.7-5.8 to leave wiggle room. Pictures with a flash would also help and cut off those bottom 2 leaves they are beyond saving. Whatever it is, it’s not nitrogen and it’s not the nutes doing that in my opinion.

@Okie70 is this a DWC or RDWC system, or what kind of system and medium are you using?


$100 bucks says it’s not enough O2 to the roots, I remember that problem all too well.


These growers have you on the right track :v::bear:


@peachfuzz @Vexer @Covertgrower @SlowOldGuy @Gardenguy @Grandaddy013 @MattyBear using an aquarium air pump and 2 large air stones and it bubbles lime crazy, no foam. I did have lack of oxygen about week 4 and caused damage then and struggled since, added dose of rooter in res change with nutes last week and new roots coming, in pics, old horse hair roots are pitiful. Have a water chiller coming also, using ice jugs now but not prior to these issues


You want the hydroton all around your net pot and surrounding your rooter. That should help block any light from hitting your roots


Have you used any hydro guard it helps when your reservoir is getting too warm. If you have nice new roots coming out then you are on the right track. As MattyBear said you don’t want any light getting to the roots as that can also cause root rot.


Thanks to all of you, this is a rough start. I have them all covered, i had just dumped them to see what the roots were doing and looking like. Have not used any of the guard but sounds like something I need to get


You need an air pump like this
VIVOSUN Air Pump 950 GPH 32W 60L/min 6 Outlet Commercial Air Pump for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems (32 W)


What kind of airstones are you using


I’m sorry you’re having this trouble. I don’t know if they will make it, will be stunted, or what. @peachfuzz might know. Day 53 from sprout should look more like this


i agree with the others, that plant looks over-watered,
that is an old gardening term meaning = deprivation of oxygen at the root zone,

u need better O2 in the ‘res’.!!


I had a gold leaf go south on me because the glass wool and hydroton had a mass of bad microbes and the stem/roots started to rot. Take the net pot to the sink and run weather through the basket/glass wool for a while to flush anything growing in the wool/stones out. Replace into a bleached clean newly recharged reservoir. Mine pulled through but was a bit weird the entire grow.

Others have used h2o2(peroxide) to kill the microbes, but I always think this also has to hurt the plant too because peroxide kills living cells no mater what they are. You can’t overwater in hydro. It’s all water. But you can encourage bad bacteria and fungus to grow at the wrong places to infect the plant. If you are not aerating the water it can be taken over by an anerobic bacteria that are not good for the plant.


The stem has a brown ring of infection from the stones/wool below. Picture taken after I rinsed the plant in running water.

After (She survived)


So im ordering that air pump, mine is not near what that is, here is the stones i am using @Grandaddy013 @SlowOldGuy @WickedAle
So if i flush at the sink, should i be concerned about the chlorine?


Both the pump and stone is exactly what I use.

If you have a stand alone reservoir make sure there’s an air stone working in it too.


The chlorine will help initially. Trichlor breaks down and is chelated (removed/deactivated) by the nutes so it is not a worry. I use city chlorinated water in my DWC.


Also don’t spray water from a water bottle that has been sitting in your tent and hasn’t been changed is a while (if you even use a water sprayer).