Is this next level?

Hey y’all, some of you might be following my stories. This is my first grow. I love this forum… or maybe to say… I’m in love with the forum. Anyways, I’m trolling everybodies grow… and when I look at people that are 4 to 5 weeks… which I’m at 37 days… The results seem to be extremely different then what I have. I mean you tell me. I’m pretty sure I’m growing monsters , but I look at other people’s in same time frame and they look like charlie brown trees… Just saying… I’m putting my money on my technique…

Autos from ilgm.
4x4 space
Mars hydro 650
7 gallon. Pots
Feed half gallon each every 24 hours, every other day foiler spray with ionic minerals
Everything pH. Water 6.3 spray 5.8
Running dehumidifier inside tent
20/4 light cycle
They like classical music
Ummm … last but not least, the reason for actually having tree trunks and incredible daily growth…is my nutes, everyday gets nutes.

www dot foopcanna dot com
Totally next level… Today pic at 37 days.


Ohh ya fox farm soil… Ocean and frog blends

Didnt we just have this convo? I get being proud but calm the trolling my friend. They look good. :clap:t5:


Lol… You know how it is… I wake up light the incense… bow down to my plants, say a few om’s… After my morning plant worship, I fire up the forum and start trolling! Lol

Lmao. Understandable. Sometimes everything just lines up and u feel like ‘Jeez this is going too smoothly!’ And others the doggone plants refuse to listen or grow right for anything!

Moral of the story: dont poke the grow gods. They will slap a calcium deficiency down and double up with the M word over night. Fickle bastards they can be


Ya … That’s totally true… I was in cruise control for the veg stage… And then transition to flower I fealt like I got on a bumpy track… Wasn’t sure what I was doing was best choices and then shortly after, about a week I realized I was back on cruise control… So ya… Not trying to be cocky… I’m just totally impressed with my first grow

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Damn impressive for a 3rd grow. Even more so since its ur first. For that take a bow.

Now what strains again? That tower in the back has some Tiva in here UNDOUBTEDLY

Ya the back two towers are gorilla glue, front two left girl scout cookies, and Bruce banner is chilling to the right

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I got the autoflower super mix! All heavy hitters.

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I kinda want to do northern lights next time… I heard it’s the highest yield for autos… You seem experienced… Whats a rough estimate on the harvest I’ll get… I’m thinking atleast a pound.

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I got some Banner in the fridge im ITCHING to drop. I wanna find a fruity pheno of it :drooling_face:

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But ya… I’m probably going to chill on the pics for a couple days weeks , and show y’all in 2 weeks and I’m sure it’s going to be another brain buster


Meh… its hell guessing yield from pictures. I tend to guestimate mine by colas and expected growth. I also tend to keep all my colas around the same height so its more uniformly spread.

Like so.

Seeing as how ur colas are longer and the budsites are pretty close, u should get some SWEET towers. Lowball urself and say each one gives u 6-8 grams. Then count ur ‘future colas’ and multiply. Very VERY rough guestimate. But u could double it with a smooth bumpfree flower


Here’s a few “Charlie Brown Christmas Trees” from one of my grows years ago:


I still think thats the sexiest SCROG ive EVER seen


Wow! Those are Christmas trees! Def. Not charlie browns


There is something totally right about that picture !


hey purp. 50 bucks says he screws up some how. his first hmmmm. so he never dried or cured.
dont count your joints before theyre rolled.


wow nice work Charlie Brown.



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