Is this Nanners?

Sometimes nanners are a good thing. I now have sunset sherbet for next year


I’ve still got 2 blueberry seeds left from ILGM. Gonna try some AK-47 also from ILGM next! But I’ll keep my eye on that top bud for sure.

It’s not clear enough for me to see, but a white tip isn’t the same as a nanner. In the first 2 pics are a nanner, the last one is a white tip as a result of its proximity to increased 660nm red.


Mine definitely resembles picture #3. So not nanners. Light burn. I was shooting for 16 inches from the light as per the book that came with my light. Guess I should try for 18 inches next time. I’m right at 16 inches now and can’t raise it any more. It’s in a 7-1/2 ft enclosure i built. Approx 2 x 3

Some of the other buds

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LST next grow!


I knew it was light burned, cause I had the same exact issue, why not rotate are bend it down, you harvest that cola and leave the rest go longer to not burn up all the bud .


I’ll definitely give that a go. Just cut the top cola off. I’m on my third grow. Never occured to me to just harvest the top bud only. Kind of looked at it like a trophy of sorts. I think I’ve got my solution.

@Smokebloke, yes you can cut it off and let the other go longer and they will gain ah lil more weight to since the main is gone. But you’ll know if the main is good, the rest will be awesome!


Done. Cut the top cola and have it hanging upside down in another room. C’mon April 22. Hopefully I’ll have frosty buds! Thanks for the guidance!


This bud @Smokebloke will tell you exactly how good the others can and will be for sure. Now please tell me you did not move the light, cause it’s projectory is intensed that it can burn your buds.

I didn’t move the light. It’s as high in the tent as it will go. It’s clamped to the ceiling. 1 week and 1 day away from evaluation day!. I’m totally stoked!

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I hope you used a Scrog next time , it will definitely give you more smokeless nuggets , and stop the light from burning your tops .

Now how high are you running your lights in veg ? Are you put the light in there at the very top and never moved it and let the plants just grow right ? Hey I get it , 4x4x7 looks plenty tall enough , but when you consider a 5 gallon bucket 🪣and maybe about 48 inches of space is a rookie nightmare, cause they really don’t know how tall a saliva plant can really grow if it’s was just candle light right , yes you can veg a plant with a candle no shot honestly . But what light you have , I think you said some blurple something I believe but any light that can burn a bud , darn sure can grow some which takes a lot of intense light to bleach a plant , or you probably never shift or move your plants around , sometimes rotating is good.

I have some fab work to do that I have in mind , and I think my new concept will grant me the opportunity to a multi million dollar account , I’m still constructing it from scratch , but it will very very unterssting for my soil , or soilwss growers that like coco , soil , compost or air injection technology is what I want to try next in growing . But this will be a stationary pot that can hold 5 plants for a perfect 4x4 or 5x5 scrog grow , if I get it finish before it’s round two , I might post the prototype !

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I shoot for 24 inches above in veg. By the way the light is a vivosun 300watt LED. Real watts is 150 I believe. The light is fastened to the ceiling of the tent frame with 4 carabineers. I’m not using the hanger that came with it. If I did it’d be a foot lower. I’ve moved the plant untill shortly after flowering. Started with it on an adjustable height table. And moved the plant closer and closer to the floor as she grew. Them propped her up on some boxes. Then a box. Then the floor.

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Nice! I was told by several people to get the braided twine. Probably give it a try next grow.

@Smokebloke , I don’t have nothing negative to say about your method , but try to always control your verging node spacing from the moment you top it , even though you want it to stretch for LST manifold right , that was my thing at one time too . I don’t even bother fooling with them that young except keeping good air under the foliage in between plant and dirt. I top twice , but late in veg, it all depends on them different variables height , plant , type , strain , how it’s growing mainly . But I usually trim , super crop , and bend everything flat 3 weeks before the light flip , in all 4 directions evenly lapping each other , and I put my screen right on top of the stalks right at the bend about 2 inches are just on top of the plants 🪴.
From that point it’s all screen training for a full canopy . Once I get 1/2 , or 3/4 full , I flip them to 11/13 for 2 weeks , than 10/14 two weeks , 12/12 two weeks , and back down to 10/14 two weeks , and if it’s a short flower 8 week , the last 2 I’ll extend my dark period another 2 hours to 8/16 for two weeks , and if they need more time :timer_clock:to finish , which most times with indicas , they are prime and ripe by now , but some sativas , not so much . You just have to fight them , cause they will stretch as far as they have space , especially Haze strains or Blueberry sativa dominant crosses , even blueberry auto seems to never want to ripe in flower , I had a blueberry auto go 16 weeks in flower , and it would have went another 2-4 weeks if I would have just stay on 12/12 the whole flower stage , it was one of those ones that you lose ah Lil confidence with if it’s your first time .

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I’m in my 3rd week of flower and some of the tips of the buds are turning yellow are they nanners or light deficiency?

Nanners usually appear later in flower, yours look good to me.

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