Is this mold? What’s my next move?

I was away from our plant for a few weeks and when I came back I noticed a nugget turned black. I immediately removed, but there seems to be mold on the stem. Could anyone advise?!


Also, could anyone identify the darkening in this nug and advise?


That’s bud rot my friend, the only thing I could suggest is to remove all contaminated buds, clean all mold throughly and try to keep the plant as dry as possible in the future

This is bud rot I found on my girls.
And this is what it looked like after I tore into it. @Hellraiser told me to remove all infested areas and to treat every other day with a50/50 peroxide and water mixture. You should do this til harvest then wash in same mixture and then rinse in clean water. Then hang until dry and cured.


Should I just remove the bud or everything from the contamination on (clip off the end of the branch)?


I am not sure he said the infected area and spray.

If the mold is in the branches that can’t be good.

I removed the pictured nug and the whole branch that seemed to infected. I treated the infected areas with the h2o2 solution and will repeat. Fingers crossed!! She smells so piny and delicious!!

Not the nug in most recent photo, the original nug with identified bud rot.

I think I may have the rot.

What do you think?

That’s what mine looks like and was identified as bud rot; however, this is my first go with this issue.

Marijuana buds shouldn’t be that color. Probably is bud rot.

Thank you for the information. Here is a different picture:

We’ve had some really hard rains over the past few weeks. Temp in the 90’s and the humidity has been through the roof! I only have one plant and it is outside, so I’ll probably do an early harvest and salvage what I can.

Same situation here in Vermont.

Good luck everyone. Just keep on working as hard as you did to get where you are now. It will pay off in the long run. Something is better than nothing. Be vigilant and persistent in cropping and treating our girls.

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I think I may have some mold going on instead of bud rot. ?? I am not seeing the classic signs of bud rot but some hit and miss mold. I have trimmed and washed in a H2O2 solution with a water rinse. We’ll see how it goes.