Is this mold or is it normal?

I’ve got several buds that are different than the others. I’m wondering if it’s mold. The buds are bigger than the others though and I thought that they may be mature. Strain is White Widow (fem) from ILGM and should be in the last couple weeks of flower.

Regular Pic

Under microscope

And another

Thanks in advance.

Looks like light bleaching to me.


Could be several things. This is a case where a support ticket would really help along with distance from buds you are keeping your lights and type. It looks to me as if you are dealing with a few nutrient deficiencies, but hard to tell in these pictures. A couple of pics a few feet back from the plant would be helpful.


Mold is grey or black…starts against stem where humidity and heat get it going.
Your pics don’t show grey or black.
Pics do show major nute overdose. Crispy curled brown leaves.

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I was thinking too much nutes or possible lockout. Without knowing what is going in (pH, nutes ect.) it’s only guessing.

It looks like a bleached bud. What kind of lights are you using and how close are they to the plant?

I assume we’re specifically talking about the white top, and not the condition of the leaves around it. That’s a whole different issue that needs to be addressed - probably a higher priority than the apparently bleached bud.


I agree @Bogleg

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@Bogleg and everyone, I appreciate the help. I’ve kept my ph between 5.4-6.0 my TDS was very high to start with and I’ve had trouble with hard water. I bought an RO machine and switched all water halfway through the grow. My lights are 2 sets of 4ea HLG-288 driven by HLG-480H-C2100B. My plants on the outside all look pretty healthy, so I had assumed I had light burn from being too close. I have the light all the way at the top of the tent. I kind of outgrew my tent. I have a portable AC unit inside the tent with a dehumidifier and an 8" exhaust fan. I’ve killed myself trying to balance the humidity and temp. We’re in Oklahoma and have had floods this year so the humidity is crazy. I let the temp stay a little higher to try to keep the humidity down. The RH at the top of the canopy is 50-60% and measures about 70 at the bottom of the canopy. My temp with lights on ends up running about 80-85 to keep the RH low enough. I’ve been adding Cal-Mag weekly with my nutes (AN PH Perfect) as well as HydroGuard.