Is this mold or bud rot?

@Hellraiser @Woodrow help please. What can I do?

Is that from outside? Pic will not blow up with clarity on phone. Any red looking bugs? I’ve one outside and dealing with spider mites which kinda looks like your pic


Yes that is from outside.

Yeah can’t tell too much from the pic but definitely got a problem there, either rot or mites.

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I hope this picture is better

Not seeing any webbing there so I’d go with bud rot, remove and dispose of any bud that looks like that, might want to do a 50/50 peroxide/water spray to kill off any spores on rest of the plant and do a peroxide bud wash after harvest.


For mites or any exoskeleton bug ON the plant, you might wanna try this.

diatomaceous earth

Thank you so much @Hellraiser . I have already cut all I can find. I need to get some peroxide after work tonight. Should I spray all plants in the general area? Will I have to do it more than once? It has just been so humid and damp with all the rain the last couple of weeks. The bud rot is on my White Queen plants. I have. Some caramel planted near by also should I treat them also? My WQ is about in the 5 or 6th week of bud now. What a bummer.

Yeah I’d spray down all the plants, every few days til harvest, try to keep the mold/rot to a minimum.

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I will keep you posted. Thanks again

I will take a picture of them tomorrow when I spray. Maybe I missed something to help identify the problem. What does spider mites look like and the damage they do.I don’t even have a clue.

Well here are some better pictures.

What is this bug? @Hellraiser @Woodrow

Looks like bud rot and maybe spider mites as well.

Thanks. What should I treat the spider mites with @Hellraiser

Capt Jacks Dead Bug spray or another spinosad based pesticide is safe to use in flowering/buds.

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diatomaceous earth

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From what I’ve seen this year on outdoor superskunk in gulf coast humidity it’s best to cut it out immediately then wash the rest.

Usually in bad cases I lose the plant. Grey Mold once it gets inside the stem spreads from the inside and slowly chokes off the nutrients.

Green Crack grown right beside Grey Mold, leaf Septoria infested superskunk shows no sign of it period but skunk #1 and gorilla glue #4 gets it sparingly enough that I can pluck it off and carry on.

I no longer play with it I cut it out as it seems to spread quicker this year than normal. Probably the daily 90% humidity.

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Thank you brother I am in a mostly organic grow so that was very informative. It made me feel better about using a bug killer.

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Im outside in organic. Here

she is dusted. Don’t have pics of the bugs but I will have of the Buds this weekend @Dhooter

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