Is this Marijuana/Cannabis? Growing wild in my yard

Wondering if this is cannabis?
We have a lot of plants like this every year but they never have flower. This one appears to be flowering.
Thanks for any thoughts.


Yes it is :+1:

Looks like cannabis.
Sativa, perhaps ruderalis. Where are you located?

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yeah bud it is… where are you? :thinking: :grin:

Wisconsin. The buds look so small. Suppose it needs a month or so yet.

why yes! Yes it is! That appears to have been a female cannabis plant. Why prey tell didst though hacketh down said plant?


I just took a small cut. The rest of it’s still up. I’m not crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:



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Or two…ish.

Can you take a pic of the whole plant?
Perhaps wild hemp…

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It’s about 5 ft tall. Being over taken by some vines Being over taken by some vines though.


looks like a dead ringer… :thinking:

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That looks like bindweed it can grow a ft. In a day and smother whatever it’s climbing. Yank it out by the roots throw it in the garbage (or a fire) and repeat every couple of days. If you lay those vines on the ground they can make new roots and your problem becomes like sorcerers apprentice.

Yes, get the vines out, leave the weed!

I think you’re at least 6 weeks out from prime flower.
My banana Kush has 4-5 weeks

Very neat. Being a state over (across the lake) wish I could find something like this. That would be pretty cool.

Enjoy your cake!

Wish I could find a gem in my backyard…that’s awesome…lol

I guess, if you want to make hemp products.