Is this male ready?

I’m wanting to make some seeds with another strain. Is this one male plant ready to pollinate my female plant?
I’ve read you can take the pollen from a male plant & brush some of the pollen on a couple of the flowers and only those flowers will produce seeds.
And here I am now trying to be Bill Nye!!:sweat_smile:



Once ONE pod bursts open…every female within one city block will become a massive seed factory. The pollen is very fine and any breeze will spread it across the whole grow. Want one female seeded? Put her next to him and a small fan will do the trick


I think she was talking about opening (just) one pod, and pollenating one flower, which I’m sure I’ve seen here before.

Is that male ready? It looks like a timebomb about to go off to my novice eyes but I know nothing


Throw some index card in there under the sacks no fan. When he pops. The pollen will fall onto the cards where u can collect. Just a guess of what i would try.

Whdn u see one pod open up take the plant carefully place in a garbage bag shake the pot in the bag the pollen will fall into the bag and collect it that way. I have r going now gonna collect in and hiw i plan to do it. Bag and shake

The pods droop a little before they open - just keep checking because it happens rather quickly when it starts.

Breeding is fun:-) I just did it for a second time. I took the male plant and put it in a different room in the window sill with aluminum foil around the bottom to catch the pollen. Shake the branches and the pollen will fall onto the foil make sure your foil is still smooth that way you can funnel the pollen down into a sandwich bag. If it’s possible put the branch in the sandwich bag and Shake It. Again best to do it in a different room. If you add a tiny bit of flour to the pollen and keep it in the fridge the flower will help keep the moisture away. But if you only get a little bit of pollen the flower will help spread the pollen out. I used a Q-tip and spread the pollen on just the one branch I wanted seeds. Just my two cents. Definitely doable. Good luck and happy growing


Some of the nanners look to be starting the opening up process. Also remember 8 weeks for seeds to mature in the pods. :+1::+1::+1:

pollen is so fine sometimes its hard to see, try putting a sheet of black construction paper under the suspect flower and tap or swab with a straw. Try to pollenate with a feather. A little goes a long way. Don.t sneeze!!! When you have all the pollen you need bag and tag it. Cat

AWESOME thanx y’all!! This plant is outside on my balcony away from my females (which are inside in one of my rooms). From what I’m reading I’ve basically gotta be full on Sigourney Weaver Alien & wait for the f7ckers to pop!