Is this male or female?

Help please…this is my first time trying to identify the sex of my plants. Out of my 6 Indica plants, I have determined that 5 are female. But this one I’m not sure of. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you


Looks like it a girl :grinning:

Even though I do not see any pistils anywhere?

How old is it and is it an auto or photo

6 weeks from germination. It is a photo and I switched to 12/12 five days ago.

My blueberry looked like that too be patient and keep an eye on it but it looks to be a girl

OK thanks. when does the pollination happen? Don’t want to risk the rest of the plants if it turns out to be male?

You can identify a female marijuana plant by looking for a pear shaped ball that grows where leaf stems join the main stem. Here the pear shaped ball (calyx) will develop two white hairs (pistils) that will grow out in a “V” shape. It may take a plant until it has been in the full flowering light schedule of 12/12 two weeks before female flowers develop, so be patient. If not you may end up throwing out a plant that was female because it hadn’t shown its white hairs early enough.

You have time… so relax. Check it a couple times a day and if the inter-nodes start to grow outwards and little clusters start to develop like a grape bushel then its a male. The sacs need time to develop pollen and then mature enough to open and release it.

Seeds usually happen by mistake when growers do not watch their plants closely and it has several days to mature and release. You seem to be on top of it so check it and post more pictures if you still are not sure and myself or some other experienced grower will let you know.

I have had plants that look this way before that turned out females, but that one on the right side needs to be watched as its got a tiny stem under it and leads me to think male.

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This might help u out


Thank you, It is the little stem that has me wondering if it is male. I will keep an eye on it.


you start to see like a little grape cluster looking thingy its male

You actually have several days from when you can tell it’s male to the release of pollen. Just check all the node junctions once a day and you’ll be fine. Beware though, it can be hermaphroditic: Pistols on some flowers don’t mean you can relax. One hermie flower can ruin a whole crop.

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Thanks everyone. I fimed the plants so I have multiple tops. If I see a female preflower on each stalk.Is it still possible to have a male on the same stalk? Thanks

So the answer to that is yes, but… it usually does not just appear in just one spot where the plant is flowering.

Now if your plants have not gone through extreme stress. It is unlike that it would have tried to Hermaphrodite and then try to revert back so quickly as to only have the very first flower site do this.

When a plant is a Hermaphrodite it will do this at all of its flowering sites, but it can show up looking different sometimes… sometimes its male and female parts side by side… others it is male flowers with pollen, but has female hairs that are in the middle of the pollen sacs.

Try searching for hermaphrodite cannabis plants and look at different images of plants that have done this, so you know what you’re looking at as it continues to mature.

how do I go about uploading a photo of my own ?

Cant determine if this is a male or female I’ve been calling it EVE but it could be STEVE …

another photo of the same plant EVE or STEVE

It looks like steve


This is a male !! 100% sure! Look at those balls right there arround the tops

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