Is this Male/female

3wks old. Male/ Female or still to early.

I think its too early…


The things sticking out the sides are stipules, next will be the new branch buds, and typically the sex parts are after that. Here is what it should look like as a girl


Any thoughts on this now.

Nope! It will be obvious, be patient.

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What about now?

Nope not yet, almost

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Hate being a nuisance. But now. :joy:

Nope! The 2 fang like things are stipules, not what we need to see. Check out the image I sent.
Some plants dont show sex for a couple months especially photos!
The image you sent has what looks lije a leaf hopper on the upper right stem. Make sure you kill on site! Little bastards such the life out of yer plants

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You sound Scottish. Lol.

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This is the one started from seed now it’s 3 and 1/2 feet tall. Fimmed it last week hoping it would fill out the bottom. Nope keeps growing. Has a pretty decent size main stalk not knowing about LST/HST. In flowering I read they can double in size. Anything I can do to stop it going straight up. Can I manipulate the main stalk anyway without destroying plant.

It’s 5 weeks old.

slowly bend her over and tie her down

Half way up. Will I need to break it gently. Bend it to a 45.

no I would just tie onto her somewhere below the top but where its strong enough, and just bend a bit, and afew days later bend a bit more, kepp doing that until shes bent over enought to get the top below horizontal a smidge. You will lijely need to back brace the plant so you dont pull it over.
If the stalk is not too thick you might be able to crush it some and fold it over ? But once they get woody snapping is pretty lijely to happen


Might have went overboard. I’ll see what comes of it. Sorry state for sure.

Whoops! I would move her into the shade for a few days, that looks painful for her.

Did you try to supercrop her!? Is the mainstem snapped or is it still intact?

Still intact.

Keep an eye on that. It will swell as it heals and may try to split. Might want to wrap it up just to be safe.

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Dead right. Probably male anyways. :joy: