Is this looking like a boy?

By what I can see its quite masculine! Give it another couple days so you can see what it looks like and then you will know what to look for

This is what a girl will look like


Good call @Cannabian… thats a boy. Sorry

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Thanks for everyone opinions

I can’t tell lol. Just looks good

Sorry but

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I just discovered a questionable plant a few days ago. Did you purchase feminized seeds also, or just rolling the dice on acquired ones? I made a big mistake believing feminized seeds were just that. I guess it’s not an exact science. Hopefully you found him soon enough and all your hard work isn’t ruined. I’m pretty sure my back yard is going to be a dude ranch now. It’s so disappointing when you pay top dollar for peace of mind and Mother Nature gives you the shocker.

I took it off, hopefully not spread out