Is this little lady ready

Hi all just after a bit of help to see if this is ready thanks in advance

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Not sure if they are ready or not but it seems you spilled your pound of sugar on them!?!?!?

Yeah they are very sticky @Jbum

You don’t have a macro lens or a magnifying glass you could take a better pic of the buds with do you?

Your looking for the trichomes on the buds not the surrounding sugar leaves to change from milky to amber.

Now this becomes personal preference at this point.

Flush @ a few amber trichomes on the colas for a energetic buzz

Flush @ 30-50% amber for a f my life I’m not doing anything buzz.

Always remember they will finish a bit more when you flush out nutrients.

Nice looking flowers and keep up the great work


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The f do you do with all those like @Jbum

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Thanks all for he kind words :+1:


I sell mine to @Cyle1


Hahahaha I stay out of likes I like everything weed related