Is this light burn or something else?

Hey everyone,

I have been growing a photo GDP for the past few weeks.
Just switched it to a new grow light and came down the following day to see the leaves had some odd abrasions. I thought it was light burn so I lowered the brightness on the light all the way down and haven’t encountered any other issues in the past 36 hours.
I am not entirely sure if it is light burn because it is only present on the lower leaves and not the new growth.

Please let me know if there is anything I should be doing.

Also light being used is Mars Hydro TSW 2000

It’s normal for the lower leaves to develop blemishes as a plant matures. They will eventually yellow and fall off.


Your good, not light burn, you should be ok. 1 thing that’s curious, looks like your left is curling up. What is your temp and humidity at ?

Those leaves likely made contact with the soil at some point. Soil can burn up leaves pretty good.


65% and 74 F

Yup ok go with what Bobby said, that’s probably why leafs are curling.Touched soil got burn, temp, humidity look good. Keep it up


Hey Bobby, I noticed that the leaf burns have started to spread upwards towards the top plant fan leaves.
In the second image i uploaded you will see the beginning of the burn on the top most fully developed fan leaf.

I am not sure why this is continuing, is there something I can try to fix it?

i thought it could be some mobile nute deficiency since it began at the bottom and started spreading to the top, but the first set of true leaves have remained unaffected.