Is this light burn/bleeching

Hey. These white rhino fem seedlings are a few days old…

Is the white bleeching light burn??? Never seen it before… They’re only under a 100w t5 light at 50%…




Nope if anything they’re praying , asking for more light , give them more by 5-10%


That is what it looks like to me, a little to much light. I don’t have any experience with t5 so can’t make any suggestions

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Nor do I… I bought this t5 cos my main lights (2x 450w leds) are too big for this early stage and I don’t want to waste unnecessary power.

Maybe someone with some experience with fluros will chime in.

Thanks bro

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They only just dropped the seed membrane this morning… those leaves haven’t even opened out yet…I know my photos make it look that way

Oh jeez if they’re that fresh then yea lower then intensity by 15% if they start stretching up it back till they look happy , but that’s why I don’t use t5s high intensity low ppfd lights bleach plants( my 1st light was like that)


Alright man thanks for some knowledge. I might just scrap it all together and use a few 24w cool white spiral bulbs… I don’t have alot of room in that tiny clone tent haha.

Its a shame cos this light kept them at a stable 62% @ 18.5°c which was nice and easy

I’m assuming once the seedlings hit a couple weeks they will handle the t5 better

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I wouldn’t replace it you might have a couple issues learning how to work with the light but once you get it you are solid. I just bought some new lights and I’m already causing the plants stress with it but I’m learning


Take them out of the tiny tent so you can raise light some.


Do you keep those covered with a clear dome? Can you flip your tent upright and raise the light? I use a T5 fluorescent for seedlings but in a seed germinating dome.

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That had to be the best response I seen ever :joy::ok_hand:t5::seedling:🪴! Praying !