Is this light any good?

Thanks. I think I should have eased them into it. They all seem stressed to to the higher lighting.

I just gave it a few ounces of water, that’s why it looks wet

I think I’ll go back to the previous lighting and hopefully they all recover, then go from there


@Graysin @dbrn32

Forgot to add picture

Hmm. She doesn’t look stressed from light (to me - dbrn may weigh in differently and certainly trust that opinion over mine, he’s a lighting guru).

When did you water last, and how much?

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Good question!

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This weeks timeline

I watered 4 ounces on Monday
Switched the light to “stronger” yesterday which is a total of 426 watts
This morning they looked stressed, so I gave them 2 ounces of water and turned all lights off for 1 1/2 hours. Came back and they looked worse, so I put the light back on to how it had been.

Everything was going so well… hopefully they recover due to drying out (if overwatered) or less light.


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Is your light dimmable or is it a full blast/no blast situation?

As far as watering goes - I’m thinking that may be where we should be really looking. She looks overwatered (or maybe underwatered) - I honestly can’t see the visual difference between the two but I know there is one.

Have you ever picked up the pot when it was bone dry but full of soil?

Light has a “veg/bloom” switch which is 194 watts and the the “stronger” switch which adds another 245 watts.

I’ve yet to water to runoff and only water when it feels dry using the knuckle method, never picked the pot up to check its weight.

I’ll check on them in another hour to see how they are responding to the lower light.

Using the soil below

Maybe Preformatted text

This may be the issue then. You may be in a situation where she’s been consistently overwatered and is just now starting to show you signs that her root zone is too saturated with water, especially below where you feel when you test from above.

Let her go a couple of days without watering. They bounce back really fast if they’re under-watered but it takes a while to recover from overwatering.

Under-watered by 2 days (soil was bone dry)

About 12 hours later after a watering:

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10-4. I’ll continue to monitor the situation. I would think that the symptoms of overwatering would start showing up on the 23rd when I watered lastly, ( not including the 2 ounces I did today) and not 2-3 days later. But then again I’m a rookie. The one that looks the worst is my triploid. Hopeful they all turnaround but especially her

Thanks for all your responses

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I let mine get so dry that my plant looks pretty sad before I water oftentimes (not always admittedly)

The pot is light, and she looks like this

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Mine definitely don’t look like that. I would tend to believe overwatering, but with the low amounts I’ve been giving them it makes me wonder

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I’m probably a little extreme/lazy to let her get to that point, and it might be wrong to get her stressed to that point, but it’s worked out so far… and I never worry about over watering :grinning:

Again, I’m an abusively cruel farmer

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Current pictures of the (4) kids. Soil was moist when burying my index finger down just outside the canopy

I think I will leave the lights on all day today to help dry them out if overwatering is the issue. The fan leaves to feel “full”

If I’m correct, when the leaves are droopy,but still feel “plump” and full, that (I’m pretty sure) is a sign of overwatering…but leaves are still green so no yellowing leaves is a good sign

I’m betting that once you get a solid wet/dry cycle going, she’ll spring back

Do you have them on risers so they don’t sit in puddle of run off? I’d assume that you have no puddles but if so, make sure that doesn’t happen

They sit on the floor of the tent. I’ve yet to water to run off. As mentioned earlier in the thread, Tuesday I gave them 4 ounces or so and this morning another 2 since I thought they had heat stress since I turned my light up yesterday. Just seems weird that they would have symptoms of overwatering 2+ days after last watering. But it could be as they are not showing any other symptoms from nute burn, light burn, etc.

Plants are looking way better. 2 are back to normal and the other 2 are close. I think they got too much light after I hit them with the addition 245 watts when I turned the cobs on. I think I’ll stay on the lower setting (181 watts) for another few days and then start them with a few hours each day with the added wattage.

Thanks to all that responded. Until next time…

I’m glad you figured it out

Even if it was not the watering, the methods mentioned before, as in not giving 10 oz here, and 8 oz there is correct and a good (the only) way to do it

Water the blank out of it, to at least some run off (20% is what they say…I’m Sure I don’t usually get that much, but I do get run off)
Then let that pot dry the f out

If plant pouts, and gets wilty, it’s ok…she be just fine

Then when pot is lighter than it looks like it’s even possible, she’s ready for another flood

Flood, then desert

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Thanks. I’ll make sure I water til runoff next time. That should be early next week before they dry out and are ready.