Is this light any good?

Starting my 2nd grow. 1st one didn’t yield that much and I learned a lot from some people here. Looking to grow 2 plants in a 3’x3’ area. Will this do the trick?


I would look into hlg lighting


Maybe the hlg 100r spec with dude code about $135

I thought needed 2nd light.


It only draws 150 watts from the wall
Probably only good for one or two plants
Hlg 300 r spec will be perfect for a 3x3


I came here to say this. “(Actual Power 150Watt)”

It does have IR and deep reds, so for what it is, I think it’s a better-quality bad light. I won’t say it’s a good light, but you could do way worse for $100.

Still, I’d check out HLG or KingBrite. The real question here is how much space are you trying to light?


Looking to grow 2 plants in a 3’x3’ area☝️

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I can read :flushed: sometimes.

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Lol no worries I’m good about 5/10
Most of the time if sober haha

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My suggestions:



For what i read about this light it sounds good it definitely sounds like it will be good for all stages in the grow but its always good to shop around abit before making a decision

I cannot say anything bad about the 300L, I have 3 of them for 4x2 and 3x3 tent. I did add a secondary light in the 3x3 as the light footprint was not where I wanted it to be. Will do great for 2 plants.

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I like this one for the price….
Although I like this one for the space 3x3 tent :tent:
$299 today.
HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000 LED Grow Lights 320 Watt 4x4ft with 848pcs Samsung LM301B & MeanWell Driver, Full Spectrum Growing Light, Dimmable Daisy Chain Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom 2.7μmol/J

I also have the hlg300L in a 3x3 and it’s just right

first timer I have 2x4x6 tent with KIND 300 LED light : how many autoflowers will fit ??? I was told 5 plants 3 gl pots???

In a 2x4? No way. I mean if you like em crammed. I personally like more space than that

I’d do 2. 3 Max.

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roger that I was leaning more that way :slight_smile:

hope this works out cant wait to get going

will post how the light works in my set up

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ya I do 2 in my 4x2’s in 5 gal pots


Still waiting for my seed to germinate 48 hiur 2 of 3 shiw a amall tail other is just a seed

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This is what I ended up buying. Hopefully it does the trick.