Is this light alright?

Question from a fellow grower?

have a quick question. Once the seeds cracked open, then transferred to the soil, according to your instruction, it is to be placed under CFL tube. I only have this:

Could you please let me know if I can use this. What light should I be using. Blue or red or both for the 18 hours window?

If that is all you have use blue light and this is only for a seedling and nothing else not enough power there for anything else


Truthfully, no. This may do some good during seedling stage. Possibly early veg. It may keep a plant from dying but I don’t believe you will be able to do much more with this light. For one plant you would need at least need something you can adjust higher for future growth. Go to Amazon and check out something like Viparspectra’s 300.


You didn’t really say if this is all that you could afford, or you’re not sure if this is all you need. Lights are one of the most important aspects of growing. More expensive is not always better. Most of the lighting on Amazon is what is called blurples they will sufficiently grow, but is not the best quality for growing. If you’re willing to spend more you should check lighting from Horticultural Lighting Group, or Budget Led.


Hi, nothing to do with the budget. First time grower hence no experience and lack of knowledge. I am also trying to get something that is a bit portable. I am planning to grow only 2 to 4 pots and plan to move it outdoor once it is big enough. I am from AU, trying to find something that is a bit discrete.

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One 600w hps mh light or a 288qb would veg great get a high color temp k6500 mh bulbs
I think they have a 4000k quantum board from hlg and have great results with it


I’m can’t tell how you define discrete, but you could purchase a fluorescent “shop style” light that would work really well for vegetative growth. Something like a T5 HO Grow Light -2’ 16 bulb light. It isn’t the sort of thing that will drive your electric bill way up.

You don’t need pricey horticulture bulbs in a fluorescent fixture, but the spectrum of light does still matter. I’m not sure which one you want though.

NOTHING is as indiscreet as a purple LED light. There was a time when LED lights were almost all a collection of red and blue chips, which were thought to be the most efficient way to make a plant grow (under LED). More recently, LED lights tend to combine RGB (red, green, blue) chips together to put out white light.

All of these things are small enough to pack away when not in use. The fluorescent options are a little better because you can say they’re for something else, like good light for making art or even starting vegetable seedlings indoors.

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This is what I can find for portable one mojocow-2-x-24w-t5-cfl-propagation-lights from aquagardening from AU.
I have been reading different articles. I am still trying to get around it, eg. the light, nutrients, etc. I am starting with the autoflower and am hoping will accumulate more knowledge before growing something else. Thank you for the time and help.

I’m not an expert, but having said that, I wouldn’t start an autoflower indoors unless I was really going to “step on the gas” as far as light goes. You don’t have the luxury of a slow vegetative phase with autos, and forcing slow growth will likely hamper your chances of getting a good harvest.

You should consider a forgiving feminized photo period strain like White Widow or Durban Poison. You can veg them under 20 hours of light with 4 hours darkness in a cardboard box. Just make sure the box is light tight. Black duct tape all seams on the inside. Be generous with the tape.

The one I have is the Auto White Widow. The plan was to actually to propagate indoor and then move it outdoor. Before growing, I have no idea that it is such a complicated thing to grow canna.

You can grow it entirely outdoors, either in a container or the ground.

In VIC, AU it is like a four season in a day. You can have hail in the summer and sometimes you get this breeze during summer. In a week you get high 30 degrees and the following week is around 20 degrees. The seed for ILGM is of course feminised so weather won’t turn female to male . But with these auto, do I stand a better chance indoor or outdoor. I also read that to use a heat pad under the tray. Or should I just propagate indoor then leave it outdoor? Many thanks.

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You can start it indoors on a windowsill (north facing, in your case) and move it outside once it’s ready. One trick I learned here is to place a clear plastic cup (with holes drilled into it) inside an opaque cup. That makes root inspection a breeze.

You’re in a totally different market, so if you can visit the local nursery/grow shop and see what they carry for bagged soil, I and others can help you decide what’s best. Even outdoors, you want to prepare a great medium for the plant. Make a list of what’s available, please.

If it’s really as wild as you describe, you might still consider a 1 month indoor veg under 4K LED like an HLG quantum 100. That way you can place the plant outside once it’s hardier. Even if it starts to flower, that’s okay.

Selecting and preparing your site is going to be a big factor, IMO. Ideally, blocking the prevailing wind with screen plants, using companion plants to discourage pests and hide the cannabis, and getting good light are all things you can plan and prepare before you even start.

Edit: I’m at the mirror northern latitude as Tasmania, so I hear you about the weather.

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I must admit that I have not had the proper set up (lighting, CO2 generator, all kinds of things) for indoor growing.

All I have done is just putting them in a plastic propagator and moving it outdoor. Fortunately my windows and the house is facing North.

Currently on day 8 and I do not know if this looks OK or not. I went to a Hydro shop today and was told that I am basically wasting my time because I am planting in the wrong season. Yes I am aware of this but I thought to give it a go just for the experience. I was told that growing them outdoor now, the yield will be small and not worth the effort. P.s. I am not doing this for recreational purpose. It is for medicinal purpose. So I have no other choice.

I think I will still go to a shop and buy few things like
The soil mix, 70 coco 30 perlite?

Do I need nutrient for vegetative? I read few materials that say because it is in soil then don’t worry about nutrients not until flowering stage.

For the fertiliser, any suggestion as to what brand? It’s not that I can tell the people at the store of what so I am growing. Can I say I am growing tomatoes because ILGM wrote it is similar like growing tomatoes. Lol.

I am still very green and ignorant. I tried to read materials but each source has different advice.

I can see little root came out at the bottom today so I need to transfer them into a bigger pot. I bought 35 cm diameter pot. Am I correct that I shouldnt be watering them for a day. Then prepare the soil mix (moist) and make a hole to put the plant there.

Thank you in advance for giving the time and sharing your thoughts. Need so much help.

I’m confused about the soil coco perlite question.

Coco could be a soil amendment I guess, but it’s most useful as a “soilless” medium. Going from indoor containers to the ground it would make sense to use a conventional soil in the containers, and perhaps a prepared soil bed amended with organic matter and cover crops. Coco is basically a hydroponic medium.

The guy at the hydro store might be right, but he also knows he can sell 5x more stuff to an indoor grower than an outdoor one. The sun is free; even a low yield will still be worth the inputs. I could be entirely wrong, but I think your schedule is spot on for an outdoor grow.

I’d look for soil at a local non-cannabis oriented store, and let us know what they carry. They won’t try to upsell you.

I will go to the nursery tomorrow and not a Hydro shop.
I normally go to Bunnings warehouse. If you Google it you can see their web. I have also attached pics here.

Re coco perlite it was just fRom reading all sort of forum. But i think you are right that those people must be growing hydro.

I will be putting them into pots and moving them outdoor. I have an al fresco with skylight and surrounded by glass so they work like a green house. I am planning to put them there. And when they flowers i will just move the pot elsewhere for the 12 hours darkness.

I will screenshot the fertiliser from both Bunnings and hydro. The one in bunnings, i dont think they have the correct ratio. The one in hydro seems to me they are more specific for flowering. Eg. High in P and lower in N and K.

Fertiliser brand:
Yates blood and bone
Thrive natural citrus and fruit and also other types e.g… flower

Charlie carp

And from hydro shop:
Lost lab

Honestly i have no idea about these products. I read the description only to check the NPK content.

you dont need to transfer them yet, the root your seeing is just the main taproot probably. you want the roots to fill the soil . i usually transfer them when the leaves go outside the pot . by transferring them now you will just shock them and they will stop growing for a couple days until they settle in, it wouldnt be the end of the world or anything, if you transfer now the soil wont be solid with roots ,so it will all fall apart and be a pain to move. if your just trying to grow and not worried about all natural or anything, your best bet is to use a three part liquid nutrient from amazon. i use general hydroponics flora series, it is the easiest stuff for beginners and pretty cheap. you get three bottles for like 50 bucks Canadian, and they will last like 6 full grows(depending on the grow size). if you cant use amazon then finding another 3 part will work to, usually a seedling, veg and bloom. you mix the 3 one at a time into your water following there little chart on the bottle. you need to get a ph meter , like 12 bucks on amazon or you may find one locally. it is one of the most important things. bad ph means your plants starve . i use tap water , i let it sit in an open dish for 24 hours to flash off the chlorine. then test it with the meter, and use ph up or ph down if it needs it(comes in a liquid online or locally, about 12 bucks a bottle for the stuff i got). there is tons of soils, just use soil with good drainage and no slow release fertilizers in it(miracle grow). some people use fox farms soils, but im poor so i just use local soil. DO NOT OVERWATER. that is the defeat of most new growers. we all want to interact with our plants daily, but that will destroy them. look all you want but be patient with watering. when there seedlings i used only 2 tbsps of water a day , when they finally had a few leaf sets i would wet the whole soil but only once every 2 or 3 days, you will feel the pot getting light, if your undecided wether it needs it, then leave it another day.coco is pretty forgiving with water, you dont need to feed your plants until about the 3rd set of leaves. and after that you can use a very weak mix of your nutes. i only follow the chart when i have a nice little bush going. if you notice your leaf tips dying , your probably feeding to much. i will then just feed with water for the next few times to leech the soil a bit. im no expert but have read enough for 10 lifetimes and on my second successful grow so far. your in the right place for advice. if it wasnt for this site i would have failed, so good luck my friend. and make youtube your friend lol, pigeons420 ,mr canucks grow, grateful grower(he stopped making vids but his old stuff is gold), cannabis grow guide, kaligrownbudz(he is very advanced, but amazing to watch and work towards)and there is many more but i will let you find someone that suits you.


Awesome info. Make sense that more roots need to grow as the soil is still lose and not bound with the plant.

I ordered nutrients from ILGM and it got stopped at the AU custom. Lol. So I doubt I can get it via Amazon. No fox farm either.

I use distilled water. I have bought the PH strips. So will check it tomorrow. I have also bought the tester to measure soil Ph. But even when I stuck it into the soil as per instruction it indicates to 7 and didn’t move a bit.

I read that I need TDS meter too. I will check eBay.

Normally I am not someone who writes on a forum. But this forum, people here are so amazing. I was worry that I am asking some stupid question and might be frown upon for not doing enough research. But what I experience is total support and positivity from everyone.

I will check the YouTube :slight_smile:

Day 9 and this is how it looks. Does the stem look weak? Just outdoor, seedling soil, facing North, weather has been good although tomorrow will be above 40 degrees Celsius.