Is this iron deficiency

I’m seeing new growth that is turning from pale to green (see photo)
I’m not sure what deficiency this is. I’m only on my third grow. The others were WW photo
There are two plants in the photo. The one on the left is Bruce banner and it may be starting this condition as well.
The one on the right is blue haze.

New growth will always be a bit different color (lighter) until chlorophyll kicks in and does its thing. The new growth will darken with ago.


This photo may show my concern better.

This was an iron deficiency I had from using a water conditioner. I’m not seeing anything concerning with yours.


Looks healthy to me.

Now what have I done.

Maybe a tad too much nitrogen, but she still looks really healthy.

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Are you feeding micronutrients (iron, boron, copper,…)?

@FiixerPower Yes General Hydroponics 3 part

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The problem persists. I noticed the large leaf is starting to curl up at it’s base. I’m getting ready to dose it today. I hope I can get this corrected soon.

I’m going to change pH from 5.8 to 6.0/6.1