Is this iron deficiency? And what can i do to fix it if it is any ideas?

Dose anyone know what this is and how can i fix it ?

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Need a pic

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Lol sorry i though i load it up my bad

Kinda hard to tell with the lighting but it does look like it on these leaves.

This is what mine looked like and I just foliar sprayed with calmag due to the chelated iron in it. Took care of it within days. The source of my deficiency was a water conditioner I used to remove chlorine. It also removed the iron from the water.

So i should be able to use the cal mag that’s for the ground on the leaves … ? How often en were u spraying them ?

I wouldn’t seeing you’re in flower. I only foliar spray in veg. I’d be sure to add calmag, or a nutrient you have with chelated iron on your next water