Is this heat stress?

I noticed my 6 week old northern lights has had some strange curling in the leaves…
Anybody know what this is?

looks like it could be what is your tents temp? anything over 85 and you are flirting with trouble how close are your what kind of lights?

Actually we have been having some temperature issues. It was around 85 for a couple of hours a day… But it’s going down everyday because of the weather now it’s not so hot.

I have two 105 watt cfls & one 125 watt cfl
I only have my northern lights plant right now, in a 48x24x60 tent.

You must move hot stale air out , and bring fresh humid air in are you will heat stress them and stunt they growth .

I’m actually expecting to receive an inline fan I ordered today :slight_smile:
So it should get better… Hopefully lol

Inline and a duct fan will be ideal to control temps .