Is this good or bigger fan?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a grow room 4ft by 10 ft 8ft high. A 1000 watt air cooled light with charcoal filter hooked to it 250cfm
No . All so a 750cfm fan blowing freash air in . 40 days I to flower temp is 72 humity is 52 day time . Is that good or should I put the bigger fan on exist? What can i do? All so the canopy is full of leaves can i trim some for more light? I can get a light mover, or a mother light if needed. The actual crop is 4ft by 5ft.

ther is a formula to determine “cfm’s” for your grow space and cfm’s are also listed on bix

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Shoold be just fine. let me know if you want the formula