Is this girl ready for harvest?


Not even close. Those buds have lots of time left to put on weight.


The trouble is this is an outside plant and we will be getting a frost very soon. I can bring them in and out in the mornings if this will help?

There’s no way to rush nature, if you can bring it inside at night that will help with frost.

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I can do that, it is in a 5 gallon pail. Thanks! I got started late (beginning of July), next year will be better. I do have an indoor plant that was started at the same time and it is not nearly as far as the outside plant is.

Yea she has alot of weight left to put on. Those white pistils will turn orangish brown and look to recede into the buddery. Keep her safe at night and in the sun during the day and she will reward u. Looking good tho

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Thanks, i will do that!

Is it possible to move it under lights inside the house for a month or will that hurt more than help?

There is no light like that big ball of fire n the sky

I know but in Massachusetts it is getting cold, thought I could keep it going longer inside.

Ahhh. Yes. Lighting can be a substitute. But its not as good as the sun. N flowering required pretty intense lighting. It can definitely be done. Didnt mean it like it wont work

Okay, I think it would be best if I bring it in over night then out the next day until it is finally too cold to do that.
Thanks for the advise.

No problem. :+1:t5: Good luck

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Make sure you are putting her someplace dark

I guess my first question would be- is this an auto or a photo plant? Def needs more time, the colder night temps will bring on the pretty colors.

It’s a photo girl, trouble is it is 10:30am and still 35 degrees. Not getting much sunlight that way.