Is this Genetics or is their something wrong

This is my third grow im kind of speechless at this moment this romulan plant i have is growing really weird im using a 3000w aglex cob which ive used for all my grows and advanced nutrients as well as happy frog soil can someone please tell me whats wrong with this plant all of my other plants are fine but this romulan started growing like this from the beginning is this a mutation and the plant will grow out of it?Also i know i have not overwatered it.


:rofl: Is romulan the actual strain name?
They look strange the romulanians from star trek… So there is that…

Are the other plants also romulan?

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Have you been feeding it nutrients, or just water? Looks like it might be a bad case of nute burn.

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Plant looks unhappy ! Soil could be a little too hot for seedlng.

Ive been feeding it with mostly ph water and some nutes not even the recommended amount its way less then what i should be feeding it thats my only plant that is romulan the rest are doing amazing and i did the same feedings as the romulan thats why im confused like this one plant has been growing like this since the very beginning since it got its first true leaves im only about 2 1/2 weeks into veg i think its genetics cause my buddy is growing one as well and its doing the same thing almost any tips and advice would be much appreciated

The other plants are not romulan this is the only one i have royal purple kush, hashplant, and white rhino and they are doing fantastic i just dont know whats wrong with this romulan.

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It looks more like a klingon…:rofl:
its strange that this is the only one… How did you mix your earth do you have experience with that mix of yours?

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I didnt mix anything i just used straight happy frog soil like ive done for my last 2 grows yet this is why im confused i havent overwatered it i havent used alot of nutrients theirs no mold or infestation definitely no root rot cause i already checked i honestly think its the genetics its still growing very well its just growing like a messed up flipper baby.

What’s the intensity of your light and how far away is it from your plants? They kinda look nute burned and/or stressed out from a non ideal climate

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When was your seed germinated? It looks like your plant has pistils and this usually takes 4-5 weeks from germination. If it’s been that long, this is extremely underdeveloped plant.

I can see what looks to be wet soil right at base of plant. Watering like this can cause stem rot and keep root mass extremely small. Either could make your plant unhealthy. Watering should be done in a ring away from stem of plant to keep stem dry and encourage root growth. I’m also curious about light height, light schedule, temps and if this plant was maybe recently transplanted?

Im getting roughly 1000 umol and they are 54 in from the light

That light wont even be close to 1000umol at that height.

Plant looks burned up from nutrients