Is this fungus or insects? SPOTS ON WHITE WIDOW AUTO

Spider mites

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Yeah the consensus seems to be SOME type of pest problem. I think I’m just going to keep up with the DE, that works against basically all insects, dries them out without pesticides so they can’t become immune to it, and idk about cannabis specifically, but it’s never hurt my other plants :woman_shrugging:t2:.

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Capt jacks neem is what i personally use

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@Bbyblue1194 keep up the DE on the soil but i would still recommend captain jacks for the foliage. It certainly wont hurt the babies and can really help speed up the process of getting rid of the the little sh!ts!

I literally just conquered a fairly serious thrip infestation that hitch hiked in on a pair of clones I was given. It was TOUGH to get rid of them. They are in a tent indoors. I had to spray Captain Jack’s Dead Bug in rotation with Neem Oil, and I put DE on the soil surface as well as mosquito bit water.

That finally did it. Spray every week once you get rid of them b/c every time I thought I had it fixed, there was that ONE thrip waving at me from a leaf.

I also gave them a shower. Honestly, what a nuisance.


Okay awesome, thanks everyone. Will be getting that follicular bug spray for the actual leaves. :+1:

I actually have a bottle of Jack’s neem oil. I’ll give that a go with the DE on soil👍

Welp I guess I put too much neem oil on?:upside_down_face:

I had to trim away dead foliage and here is the bad one still hanging on :smiling_face_with_tear:
And then we have this absolute champ

Hopefully they make it. Didn’t know you could burn them with the neem oil and it’s been sooo hot.:sob: