Is this fungus or insects? SPOTS ON WHITE WIDOW AUTO

I’ve sprinkled her in Diatomaceous Earth for 24 hours, then applied a fungicide…but I’m really new and not sure I’m doing the right thing. She’s still steadily growing at a normal rate. Any ideas what this might be? (The second photo is a few days later after the DE. That’s the white residue on the leaves.

It looks like thrips. Wpm would be more fuzzy and colonized.

Okay. I covered them back up in DE and made sure to dust under the leaves too. they don’t need water for a day or two or hopefully that dries them up and gets them off. I don’t see damage on the new leaves yet so hopefully I can kick them off soon. Thank you.

@Bbyblue1194 if you have her with other plants you need to check them carefully and separate your infected plant or they WILL spread!!! Thrips can be a tough nut to crack!

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@Borderryan22 @OGIncognito @SilvaBack203 thoughts?

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I only have two, and they are both starting outside, I’m pretty sure the other has it too. Tried starting then out with natural light and it’s just been a pain so far between moving them out of the rain and now bugs :upside_down_face:

So I just gave them both a good dusting
They seem to still be growing fine

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@Bbyblue1194 I know it sucks but lets see who else chimes in and get some other eyes on it.

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Have you inspected the leaves for pest? DE is made for soil use, I’ve never seen it used as a dust. Hard for me to get a good look with the DE dust covering them, a better foliage product would be Captain Jacks Dead Bug, really good stuff :love_you_gesture:


Didn’t see anything a couple days ago but when I dusted them under the leaves I saw 2 or 3 brown super tiny tings under there but there weren’t moving.
This is right before I dusted them, but they still have residue on the leaves

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I have the bug spray that comes with the starter kit on ilgm. Is it worth a shot?

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Spray and wipe them off with water tops and under leaves for a better pic. If you can get a pic of one of the pest that would help. CJDB is the best pest foliage spray :love_you_gesture:


Does this white residue wipe off?

Yes that’s just the last coat of DE that ran off after I misted them with fungicide water the next day

Here’s a cleaned off leaf from each

This is what I mean by I saw like brown specks but honestly they’re not moving even when poked, so I can’t tell if these are bugs

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It’s gotta be bugs or fungus tho. They haven’t even had added nutes yet and I don’t plan on feeding them until like the third or fourth node. I’ve used DE to dust other plants before so I would think it would be fine on cannabis too. It doesn’t harm plants but it’s like tiny knives to bugs :skull_and_crossbones:

You got wpm

@kaptain3d could you please give your opinion sir

It’s more yellowish than white. And it’s not like…fuzzy. it pops up in like tiny specs. The one has it worse

Just to be cclear the blue is Diatomaceous Earth. The red is the problem