Is this from transplant or pyrethrum

A question from a fellow grower:

Maybe you can take a look and tell me what’s up with my poor plants :confused: 3 days ago I sprayed them with pyrethrum spray because I had a bad spider mite problem. My husband didn’t know this, and the very next day, transplanted the girls into their permanent home. He also said there were still spider mites everywhere, so he sprayed them with pyrethrum again. Now today the poor things look like this! D: I can’t tell if the leaves look so terrible because of stress from the transplanting to a new pot, or being over sprayed with pyrethrum. Or both! Apparently the pyrethrum didn’t need to be diluted with water or anything, according to the bottle… Did I spray them too much?

Now do nothing but flush plant for 1 week (next time if spider mites,ect - use a 50% dish soap and 50% water mix and use a spray bottle spraying both sides of the leaves. I f you leave it alone it will re-bound

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