Is this foxtailing & how does it affect readiness

I think both my main colas have fox tailing…pretty sure the plants have 2 to 3 weeks before they are finished, so not sure i can do much about it now. From what ive read it wont do anything to potency, but im wondering if they typically lag behind in bud ripening?


Doesn’t look like it to me. @Nicky @Not2SureYet @Covertgrower @kellydans @MrPeat what do you guys think.


Looks like the second round of pistils. Perfectly normal, it’s still has flowering to do.

Is this the breeders estimate?
When did you start counting flowering?


The guy i bought my seeds off of wasnt very informative. He said 10 weeks, but he couldnt even remember the exact strain he sold me. I just know its russian and master kush og. Im never buying like that again.

I was just basing that off im starting to see more white trichomes now. I started counting flowering when i started my flowering feeding schedule. This sunday would be the start of week 8 on the flowering schedule, but i switched to flowering 3 or 4 days prior to starting the feeding schedule.

From your response i take it i still have awhile to go? I attached 2 pics although i cant take any trichome pics until i order a new type of scope. Trying to take pics with my loupe is driving me mad.

As for the foxtailing it looked like new growth so i assumed. Thought i finally diagnosed something on my own :joy: Glad to see it might not be.


Okay perfect, then subtract 2 weeks for transition, and then start the counting over. This might be a closer timeframe for what you’re looking for.
10 weeks is a longer flowering strain, even using this as an estimate, she will continue flowering for a bit.
Still a gorgeous plant though.


Thank you

As much as i hate hearing a longer wait, that makes a lot more sense…some of these calyxes look so fresh. Plus its cool knowing i aint done watching her grow/change still.

For future reference, that 2 week transition period, would that be the last 2 weeks of veg on a feedong chart, or first 2 weeks of flowering?

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I personally don’t count the transition period. I do keep track of when I changed the schedule. Some plants transition faster than others, but in this case knowing it’s a sativa dominant strain, they tend to take the longest to transition. They also tend to have plenty of foxtails too. I would expect to see those on your plant too.


Ok great. Thanks again!

Edit: Im worried that i started the AN supplement schedule too early. This is their 2nd week of overdrive. I guess i just keep goving it to them though.

Your plants look good, wouldn’t stress too much. Yep just extend the schedule out a bit.


I don’t see signs of fox tailing. Now this one did.

And @Covertgrower has you covered. :+1:


Ohhh now i see why they call it a foxtail. Yea i think @Covertgrower is right on the money. I hadnt checked my ph or ppm since yesterday morning and for the first time that i can remember, my ph was down to 5, so i checked my ppm and it was at 800…so these girls are actually eating at a higher rate than i threw at them…from what ive read thats more in line with them going into week 6 than 8…

Ive just been thinking i was pretty much nearing the end and i could relax, but the girls were going into overdrive smh

They are getting a fresh reservoir tomorrow lol


I will add, if you chop the tip off of the top on @MrPeat s picture there. It will stop with the pointy tip and start building a fatter bud under it. I have to back bud most of my plants like that. :grin: And these plants can be goofy. I have done a few that finish up weeks sooner than what the breeder says. And others that can go almost a month longer. Really messes up the grow timing. :angry:


It looks great nice and fat and it looks very frosty

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Thnx for thr tag but I have nothing to add well explained by the others here