Is this Foxtail?

That plant is a Hermie I see banners. If u have others around they r gonna get it too.

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2 nanners here


Sorry what is a hermie?

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A female plant that has make sacs. Is it a bag bean ?? Meaning a seeds from a bag of weed or bought seed. Do u have any light leaks in the tent or area they get dark time. Any light being a little light on a fan or dehumidifier will be a cause for a plant to turn Hermie the little yellow spots will pop open with pollen and make a ton of seeds and u don’t want that. I’d try and pull all the yellow banners u see and if anylook popped open it’s too late all in tent is possibly seeded


These are auto seeds from ILGM.

Had light issues really early in the grow (had lights running 24 hours)

But no lighting issue since

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Hmmm. Has to be some kind of. Stress factor that caused it. I’ve yet to have seen any ilgm auto Hermie unless there was an issue that caused it. How old are they. Fill this out best u can. I’ll get some guys here we figure out the cause of it so it don’t happen in future grows. Lights on should not matter with autos as they do their own thang.
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It’s been a very long grow. Started 1st December. Flowered early November

??? I’m confused lol. Like a year long or some typo error??

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Haha! Typo! 1st September!!

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Not trying to be argumentative but could those just be some of those yellow leaves seen at a bad angle. I would like to see a closer pic and different angle.


Will get photos in the morning. I actually do think they are yellow leaves


What strain?

140 days since 9/1 is a long time. My longest auto was 136 days. But yours looks like it just wants to keep producing fat calyxes. Therefore foxtails
What is your current light schedule?
What light are you using?
How high?

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Looks like it started to re-veg on you due to lights being on 24 hour cycle. I screwed up when moving the tents to the new room and stuck late flower plants on the wrong timer, looked just like this and had to trash them.

What ah bummer… flower looks good though. A hermie won’t stop my show lol

Good growing

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What strain is it? Haze strains have a tendency to foxtail and its just fine. All 3 amnesia haze plants that I grew foxtailed so I did alot more research on the strain, and that was a common denominator. Pretty plants!


I think those are just yellow leaves not bananas but I could be wrong my eyes aren’t the greatest. It almost looks like it’s trying to re-veg but I don’t think an autoflower can re-veg

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I agree, they are foxtails but because they are all over the buds and not just on top close to the light it’s most likely genetics and not stress related


Can confirm they are yellow leaves only :+1:


Thanks for reply……worst parent ever as I don’t know what strain I planted!!!

It is either amnesia haze, northern lights, gold leaf or blueberry auto.

Will never make poor parenting moment agsin!


Uploading: E7181AA8-F277-4615-B4B7-7B9028676BD7.jpeg…

It is 100% just yellow leaf.

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