Is this fox tailing?

And if it is fox tailing, is that bad or what is the issue? This girl is about ready to harvest. Also when I do harvest I am thinking about doing the Hydrogen Peroxide, Lemon Juice and Water bath. Thoughts?


Looks very close. Back the lights down to 60-70% or so. That could be some foxing but not terrible. Does not seem to be putting out a lot of white pistils. Hairs brown and receding. Check trichs for your taste. 90-10 cloudy /clear good head. 90/10-80/20 cloudy amber good sedation and head. 20% or more amber pretty sedative. Looking good.

Yes, time to lower the intensity.


@Mancat i would say it’s safe to do the bud wash. Even being indoors grower. I myself plan to do it as well when looking at my buds I can see hairs on it sometimes and that’s just I can see! Imagine what you can’t see :joy:. Also imagine I’ve smoked worst then that is on there but this is more of a test to see if I’ll need it going into the future.

I will be doing 3 stage wash

  1. H202 @ 8oz to 2 gal of distilled water

  2. 1 box of baking soda + the juice of 2/3 lemons to 2 gal of distilled

  3. Plain distilled water

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Ive heard of peole bud washing and i understand that trichomes dont dissolve in water, but still i cant help but keep that water away from my buds lol i have trust issues :sweat_smile:

It’s fine… once you see the crap that comes out, you’ll be happy you did it. Just be gentle when swishing the buds around in the water.