Is this flowering branch toast? Should remove it?

This is a Vanilla Frosting in a 7gal. fabric pot. One branch, which has multiple side branches and a lot of flowering sights is not looking good. Flowers started browning and now the little leaves around the flowers are curling up. The rest of the plant seems fine, at this point.
A few weeks ago we had a heat wave, in the 90s, which was compounded by wildfires and ongoing bad air. Is this branch toast? Should I cut it off? Adding pics of bad area and what the rest of the plant looks like. Excuse all the little ash particulate matter.

Hate to chop it, but if it is not going to contribute anything…

How long has it looked fried?

Started changing shortly after the heat wave. I’ll say it’s been progressing for at least a week to ten days now. The curling leaves is new. That whole area is from a branch coming up from the base of the main stalk. The rest of the plant looks pretty healthy.

Oh. Yeah… If it’s progressing, it’s probably done. I’d snip it just above the healthy growth, if it’s not moving down.

If there are no healthy bud sites on that branch, you might as well clip the whole branch. Sorry, friend. :pensive:

Bummer dude! I was starting to feel the same way. My first grow and the heat wave caught me unprepared. Just getting the girls into some shade really helped but I’m afraid the damage was done.
Will be interesting to see how the rest of the plant responds to this. Upside at this point, it’s only the one branch, with like a dozen flowering sights :-(. I had thought I’d monitor it over the weekend, but that’s probably only going to delay the inevitable and keep drawing energy that could be going into the rest of the plant…I’m thinking
Thank you for your input!!!

I wouldn’t cut it off unless it dies…
Have you checked for bugs…?
Up to you…


Yeah Id just watch it and check for bugs too.

Been checking for bugs, haven’t seen anything. All the white particles that settled from the fires freaked me out at first, but on closer inspection I settled on ash. My Black Jack is suffering too. Seems to be wider spread damage but not as severe and it has put out fresh flowers above the damage. Guess I will let everything ride for a bit. At least three of the five plants are thriving. It helps hold up the justification I gave “she who must be obeyed” when asked why I had to grow so many, “well, I could wind up killing 3 or 4 of them. I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing.”
BlueDream and Strawana seem particularly happy…Gracias Dios!
Thanks for all the input gentlemen.

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:joy: Well played.