Is this fixable

First grow, got overly enthusiastic. Have 5 heirloom plants in soil in a 3x3 tent. I now realize I should have no more than 3 plants. Have them set up on Scrog and am in week 7 of veg. I’m afraid that when I switch to flower and get the 2-3x growth that the tent will be overwhelmed. Any suggestions on bringing this under control will be appreciated. Thanks

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That’s a lot for 3x3. Trim a lot below the canopy, flip to flower as the tops hit the net, tuck and tuck as she stretches.


Wait it out! You never know. Easy does it!

Think super-cropping, investigate, learn, and since you would just kill a few plants anyway don’t remove any unless they die. Other option is SOG and just let them go and crowd and try to keep them happy.

Keep training the plants and perhaps prune off some lower foliage.

I woudl go ahead and flower to keep them from getting any bigger. I hope you have been vegging under 18/6 or shorter photo period. Stretching will be less when you veg under shorter photo periods, i.e. 16/8

Good Luck. Just enjoy the grow and do better next time, or get a bigger tent. This is why I took my tent down. Too much restriction and not enough air flow. My babies like to be in an open room. :slight_smile:

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      Thanks. Plants have been under 18/6, I will take your advice and switch to 12/12 to start the bloom phase.

Good deal. We are here if you need us :slight_smile:

I appreciate your advice to my previous question. This being my first grow, I haven’t gone through harvesting. My question, are all the buds on a plant ready for harvest at the same time, or is it analogous to a tomato plant where not all fruits ripen at the same time?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

The upper buds closest to the lights finish about the same time in a scrog, but the lower ones Usually need more time. Best way is to check the trichomes. I just cut them all and use the lowest ones for butter.

Yes and No. You can harvest the biggest kolas and leave the rest for a
couple weeks to allow them to finish without haveing to compete with the
tops. This will help fatten them a little and allow more light to them
for a couple weeks.

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