Is this female preflower?

Hi there growers.

This plant is from a regular seed and just wanted some advice if this is female preflowers??

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Looks good so far. Get a little more age on her and it will be easier to tell.

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Does it look like a nut sack or a pretty little flowery hair?

The answer is a pretty little hair

In this picture you can see the pistil hairs starting to form, breaking free of the

Above those you have early flowering pistils, which are hairs with tinier hairs off of them. All these are clear signs of female sex


@Oldguy you buried in snow yet?

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@PharmerBob. Not yet brother. :grin:
Bout 6 inches coming for tonite / tomorrow. Just a skiff on the ground now. :wink:
Lot of icy spots around.
38 F this morn. :+1::v:

Cool I’m on my way! Gotta chase snow around this B to get a ride in. It’s been in 50-60’s and We’re usually has a few good ones in by now.

Weird the past few years like there had been a shift in the jet stream that takes it just north of us

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@PharmerBob. Agreed. :+1:on the jet stream.
Weve usually had a half dozen good storms by now.
And - 15-20 c temps.
Things are changing for sure. :v:

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Shit I’m hoping to be able to grow outdoor all year soon

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@PharmerBob. I haven’t even seen anyone going with a sled on the back this year. :wink:
Boys aren’t happy. :joy: