Is this even smokable?

Hey guys one of my babies during my harvest turned into this…Sooooo, is this even smokable? Or am I setting myself up for a trip to the E.R.? LOL

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Looks like a huge mature male flower head to me. If you have any female plants within a mile of that they will go to seed.


Omg a pollen factory :joy:


There will be THC in it but it looks to be male I’ve never tried to smoke one. Maybe use something to magnify it and look at the trichomes??? I know it will have trichomes but I’ve never let a male get that mature. Hopefully someone will come along with some experience with em because I’m curious. I guess we can Google it


That’s definitely male and although male plants can contain some (very little) TCH in the leaves, the pollen doesn’t. It would take a LOT of male plant t get you high and then you’d probably just get a head rush from the oxygen deprivation LOL! Hopefully that wasn’t around any female plants!


Throw it away.


Spray it down carefully with rubbing alcohol, throw a trash bag over it, tie it tight and throw it away!

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You can smoke male plants, and some might even affect you depending on your own biochemistry. But it won’t get you medicated to the degree a female plant will.

Unfortunately, or not, your other plants will have seeds. This might be okay, since you can plant them and select for females going forward. The bright side is you can keep making your own seeds and stay self-sufficient.

Where are these seeds from?


Tell me about it!! It was like residue every time I moved it.:smile:

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Omg, so I had them in the tent when they were flowering but could tell if Male or female at that point. Just noticed at some point it changed into that. Also when it was next to my harvest when I had them hanging up to dry.

So I noticed when I was doing some last minute pruning before putting them in the mason jar to cur that I saw a couple of seeds fall out. Does that me my would have been female is now female and I should just collect the seeds and star over?

So unnoticed that yes the other ones did have seeds as I was making some last minute pruning before curing them.

I have them in a mason jar now, curing. Do I just collect the seeds or is it still good to go and ill just have to pick out the seeds?

The seeds were from a connect I know…I believe they are ‘white widow’.

I did @ around female plants…as they were flowering. At that point couldn’t really tell except for one that didn’t grow as tall. But now I do. Had to do more reading. Also when they were drying. From whatbive been getting in responses is that your other females will have seeds.

This is my first harvest (small) I have from the ones that included the Male. As you can see there are seeds.

Hey it’s a start man… my first harvest outdoors, if you want to call it that you could have stored in a film canister. Lol

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I’d leave the seeds in the flowers until you need one or the other. But it’s entirely up to you.

My rationale is that you can harvest the seeds just before you ingest the flowers, and note the effects of those flowers. You might find favorites over time, and your plants should have some variety even if they’re all siblings. Grow the ones that you like, if that makes sense. Keep in mind that unseeded herb will be more potent, and chemically different, but basing selection on the seeded flowers is valid.

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#BIGFACTS Lmbo!!! :rofl::skull:…I totally agree @svm it’s a start. Still proud bro…already got some sprouting (hydroponic). They are on week 3. Much appreciated brother.

:ok_hand:t5::clap:t5:…Thanks so much. Very acute response.

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Just making it to harvest on your 1st try is a win I don’t know what the percentage is that don’t make it but I’ll bet it’s up there

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You’re welcome.

If you want to detail out your grow space and plan going forward, perhaps we can help you figure out why your harvest was small.

Just a note on those seeds they are regular so it’s possible that half will be males so be careful not to do the same thing again