Is this enough light

@Hammer This is my setup, 8 sockets, 6 with 2 socket adapters with 2 2700 lums. 5500k in each on the outside the 2 sockets in the middle is 1600 lum 2700k.


I’m not hammer but it should be fine. Your plant seems to be loving it. When you flip to flower you’ll want to change.
Here below is a chart.

In general, the lower the number, the more yellow, orange or red-ish the light is, and the higher, the more blue.

You might just have barely enough light for that size area, if you use both for flower which is perfectly fine.

Also you kind of got three different size bulbs ? Not site why. 2700k is redder, and is for flowering, and 6400K is blue-er and for veg.


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Hey, how much lighy should i use for just 1 plant? How many watts?

You could get by with a 400 or a 600 watt HPS for vegg and flower

You would keep the 6400K close to the plant for most of the veg period, and then add the 2700K light when you switch to flower. With both lights relatively close but equal distant to the canopy.


Awesome CFL grow. She looks happy

Just a recommendation, but if you were able to move some CFLs so that they were shining from the sides it would also help with better light penetration. Great job though dude!

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Or… get a T5 fixture and do some horizontal side lighting!

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