Is this durban Poison male

From a fellow grower. Has their plant turned hermie?

Durban Poison
Type: Feminized
Climate: Hot in Reno during summer. Average temp mid 90’s and 65 at night.
Soil: Mixture of high grade potting soils in 30 gallon cloth pots
PH or runoff unknown
Primary nutrient: liquid sea kelp during veg state and Bud Candy/Big Bud during flowering
Humidity: Reno is a high desert climate (4500 feet) very dry (average around 30-40% humidity)
Plant was grown outdoors after germination along with several others. This one was unique because It grew to over 10 feet and was cropped when it reached that height because it was visible from the street. No other plant got over 6 feet tall. At first I thought it might be a male plant but it budded. Maybe it was a herm.

Can’t tell from the pics.
Perhaps a close up pic of the suspected parts.


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