Is this Dr Feelgood ready to harvest?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if anyone thinks my auto is ready please?

Dr Feelgood Auto - currently 65 days old
11 inches tall (33cm)
Grown in BioBizz soil with Biotab nutrients
Grown in 40x40x100cm tent with Migro Array II (at 90% power to prevent burning in small space)
Main cola was tied down and light defoliation week 5-8
She’s been fading for the last 7 days and leaves starting to fall/break off
Still likes 1 litre of water every 2 days
Trichomes all milky with approx 15% amber (although trichomes at the top 100% cloudy)

I want a couch lock/sleep effect and this plant is meant to be high in CBD.

Is 10-15% amber enough or does it matter with high CBD plants?

I can’t get the camera in any closer or it blurs.

Thank you in advance.

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Can you check your trichomes with a loupe or magnifying tool?? Nice bud BTW! Ignore the bottom graph on this…


Thank you! yes all the trichomes are cloudy, and about an inch from the top they’re starting slowly to turn red/amber (about 15% amber). I’m asking because the plant looks like it’s starting to die on me and I don’t want to leave it too late.

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If they’re all cloudy and going Amber, it’s really up to you then. More amber=more couch lock.