Is this damage due to pests? Nutes? Ph? Or Watering? Pictures included

It would seem I have been slightly over saturating my substrate as I now have seen a few translucent white flies moving around. I didn’t notice them until I watered today, I put out a yellow strip containing dichlorvos a insecticide, cleaned out my trays with soap and hydrogen peroxide. I plan to do the 1 to 4 part 3% hydrogren peroxide to water though am wondering when I do this will this also kill the beneficial bacteria in my substrate? This is an indoor grow.

Sprinkle Diamatraeous Earth, it HAS to be FOOD GRADE… Sprinkle over the soil fine layer to start, I keep from over watering… I’ve also mixed it in soil prior to planting, food for thought next time you plant or transplant

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food grade Diatomaceous Earth is perfect for fungus gnats, the sticky pads really don’t need any insecticides on them…treat the right bug, you might have white flies and they aren’t in the soil but on the leaves so the DE won’t fight them off…here’s a read about white flies


Thanks zambo & kabongster I will do that once I get some extra cash. So I found out that hydrogen peroxide will kill both the larvae and the beneficial bacteria I introduced, so after I do this treatment once the top layer of soil dries out how long would I have to wait to reintroduce my advanced nutrients piranha nutes with the beneficial bacteria? Here is the only things I have noticed thus far as its hard to find the bug to take a picture of…

That is the majority of the damage I’ve seen and limited to those leafs.

Sulphur burner is worth the investment if you have a spare 100 bucks, saves worrying about pests or mildew in future

That second picture looks like a leaf miner trail.


Looks to me like you might be accidentally splashing some nutes into the leaves? The tips of the leaves look like the early start of nute burn and then the spots looks like places where water has sat on them under the light.

Just my thoughts!

Hope you figure it out.


@Ray4x truth be told, I think you are 100% correct. I was in a hurry one day and watered without being careful, and nute burn of the tips happened shortly after I transplanted into a super soil mix. Was doing some experimenting with my first grow. One is topped in a normal 3.5gal super soil. One is LTS in a Lite 3.5gal super soil mix with a home made air pot. And one is in coco lst’d with advanced nutrition in a true 5gal air pot. So far coco is wining with the most nodes and best canopy. The topped one is catching up though is behind in pre flower.