Is this "damage" caused by a pest?

I tried another forum- “diseases” - with no answers-- so I am trying here.
Is this “damage” on these plants caused by a pest?
If Not, any idea what would/could be causing it? or even what it IS?

we bought these plants from a dispensary. This one plant came with these “spots”/area, but they are getting bigger and more of them.
We do know that they were in a grow tent indoors. do not know soil type, water type, fertilized or not, etc.etc.
Thank you in advance.

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Looks to me more likely that some nutrient solution was spilled on it, or old light burn. Not so much on the light burn though. But still possible.


@Covertgrower : Thank you~ much appreciated.

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@Covertgrower He did mention the spots are getting bigger. Do you think spilled nutrient solution would still be the case?

The other factors I consider knowing that these were clones from a dispensary. During transport, the leaves may have suffered damage, and there’s a certain amount of “unknown “ history when someone else cares for a plant. Nutrients spilled may not show up for days, neither will transport damage.
All new growth looks great, so unless it’s spreading even more to the new growth, I wouldn’t be overly concerned. @Growyourown @Yochaniel

But as always it’s important to stay vigilant and watching for pests.


Okay, putting it that way makes a lot more sense lol


the plants are turning yellow. i will post pics later today-hopefully