Is This Common?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I have received my order of White Widow (fem) and have had a difficult time. I tried half of the seeds in my hydroponic system (Aerogarden) and the other half in a Miracle Grow potting soil mixture. To date I have only produce 2 plants out to the 15 seeds started (one from each method). They all opened up in water and looked like they were ready to start growing, everything just stopped after a week or two.

Is this common? Any advise or suggestions. "

I can only speak to the ones in soil and that is, Miracle Gro is not a good medium for mj. Too many extra things in there that are not good for it. I would get some good Fox Farms soil (available on Amazon or Walmart) and use that. I started 4 WWA’s in distilled water. They popped in one day and once in FF a soil, sprouted in 2 days. I’m almost at 3 weeks in and they are doing great (outdoor grow in fabric pots in a greenhouse).



I have the WW fem seeds as well and only germinated one.

I started in peat pellets and then transplanted into FFOF and have no problems thus far- just hitting their 4th node.


I got 3 WWA that just popped in the h2o, I’m starting them in rapid rooters and well see if I have any success at that point. I hope your grow becomes good

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I’m 8/10 on ww auto because I still have two seeds left and 5/5 on photos if you join the fourm and we will be more than happy to help you from start to finish