Is this Calcium deficiency?

I have a bubble auto growing in coco at about 6 weeks and some of the leaves are spotting and brown as per the photo.
I have increased my cal/mag (x2) and my ph level is at 6 (last feed yesterday) It seems to have worsened over night, but Iā€™m not sure how long it will take to recover?
Please help. :pray:t3:

Iā€™m going to suggest Potassium, especially with the Coco. Could be Magnesium, but Iā€™m putting my money on Potassium.

Calcium def would be focused on the newer growth.

Hey everyone. Please Give me some help with these. Its my first grow and im trying to find out why the new growth looks like this? Its GSCX AF 3 weeks old. Fox Farm soil outdoor grow

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