Is this bud size normal on day 52 of planting and blueberry auto flower


How long has she been in flower?

What light are you using, brand and model???

It is hard to say and to compare. Here are two blueberry autos on day 50

Different blueberry from the same grow

I can hardly tell them apart :sunglasses:

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About to finish the fourth week and enter the sixth
It’s under a 1000w led light

Make and model?

Plant looks decent for 4th week of flower.

I never get large buds and yields … the maximum I ever got was 30grams and I decided to buy a 1200w king led which I only installed today… I planted this seed in the biobizz light mix for the first time and have been feeding it fox farm nutes
It was previously under a 1000w Roleadro led grow light

First, those lights aren’t 1000 or 1200 watts respectively. Amazon bribes purchasers to get good reviews on these lights. They aren’t adequate lights. To really maximize your yield, better lighting is necessary.

The blueberry autos were some of the first plants I grew. I just let them grow and didn’t do much to them. But eventually I had to learn low stress training (LST) techniques and some high stress techniques too (like topping and super cropping). The combination of these techniques with quality light will help improve your yields and plant quality.
The purpose of these training techniques is to equalize the distribution of light across the canopy of the plant. You achieve this by having as flat and even surface area as you can.
These are two plants I am getting ready to flower. While they grow and stretch the first couple of weeks during flower set, I will continue to bend the branches and try to keep the colas as close to the same height as I can

Are you going to run both lights together? The king plus draws around 220 watts and the other about 135


Could you recommend a better lighting system?

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I’m currently using the Mars Hydro TSW 2000. I started with MH and leveled up with each tent (I have 3). Next light will probably be something from HLG. I might buy one of their kits so I can afford a better light.