Is this bud rot? Need a quick advice:)

Hello can someone help with this? From what I’ve been reading, this is maybe bud rot but not sure. What should I do? The room temp is swinging between 20-26 Celsius. There is also a ventilator moving the air. Should I remove the bud? What is the best humidity to maintain? Thanks!image

That’s definitely bud rot. I would cut the cola in half, at least an inch under the spot. Travels up and down the stem.

Yeah, you should remove it and get past the dead area. Spray it with peroxide and water and increase the air flow!

Thanks for the tip. So basically I could keep at least some of the cola with cutting it whole? And I should cut it very carefully not to spread the rot, right?

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Yes, but get back behind the diseased area and disinfect it with 2 tsp/gallon of peroxide and water.

Or take plastic bag and tie it tightly a couple in past infection and lop it off.
The bag will help from spreading spores

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Sorry brother that sucks